What Challenge Family can learn from Berlin Marathon

October 2015. DAS TriDream started to plan the season 2016. Svon, Avon and I decided to join some Triathlon highlights together. Finally, we discussed to start at the Berlin Marathon in September 2016. But: an event like the Berlin Marathon is already overbooked and the chance that we all could start in the same race is very low. I didn’t want to run without the other boys and we were a little bit sad about the situation.

I checked the Berlin Marathon homepage again and found a new offer: A team registration!

“For the BMW BERLIN MARATHON we will be offering entry drawings for teams of 3 persons, who would like to run together. Should the team be selected for participation, each team member runs “his or her own” BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. This is not a relay race. There is no team classification.”

This was exactly what we are looking for. Either we all get a slot or nobody of us. We made the registration and we were very happy as we were selected for the race.

Our target for 2018 is a similar one: start as a team at a Challenge Race over the full Ironman distance. Our favorite is the legendary race Challenge Roth. Dvon finished this race in 2010 and he was exited. What a great race for DAS TriDream! But how to make sure that we all will get a slot? We think, it would be a good idea to add some team slots for the Challenge Family races, especially for the fast-sold-out-race Challenge Roth.

Either we are all in or out. That would be okay for us and maybe for some other triathletes who wants to start as a team too.

Might this be an idea Challenge Family?

Source: (c) dastridream.de


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